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Welcome to the Marine Law Enforcement Agency Portal home page. This system is the property of the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (WSPRC), any use of this system must conform to WSPRC Policies. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Since all information entered may be subject to public disclosure, only official agency email addresses and phone numbers should be entered. Users should not enter personal or non-agency email addresses or phone numbers into this system.

On this website you can complete and submit the SOAR, BOAT Currency Requirements Report, A-299 and A-300 applications online. You can also download sample documents and forms as shown in the Reference Documents section below. Your primary contact for questions about the portal is Cheri Peel (see contact information below). For general updates and non-urgent questions (e.g. address, staffing), please send an email to mle@parks.wa.gov.


Washington State Boating Law Administrator
Rob Sendak
Office: 360-902-8836
Mobile: (360) 628-1876

Accidents and Reporting
Sherri Sweeney
Office: 360-902-8845
Fiscal Analyst
Corey Tolar
Office: 360-902-8843
Communications Consultant
Christina Fremont
Office: (360) 902-8837
Education Coordinator
Derek Van Dyke
Office: 360-902-8842
Mobile: 360-628-3260
SOAR Reports
Cheri Peel
Office: 360-902-8846
Mailing Address
Washington State Parks
Recreational Boating Program
1111 Israel Rd. SW
P.O. Box 42650
Olympia, WA. 98504-2650